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Sourced from the deserts of San Luis Potosí, our 14 year old Salmiana is cooked in a 200 year old oven made from brick layered upon stone for 7 days using steam seeping through Sabine wood floors. This process allows our mezcal to maintain the truest flavor profiles of a ripe Salmiana agave. 


After 7 days of gradually applied heat, our Salmiana begins the maceration with a Roman concrete double tahona. Our juices then flow via copper grates into a larger pit, finishing the maceration process with a large single tahona stone for the perfect extraction. The aguamiel then flows through copper grates into our open air vats where we use natural fermentation ignited with pulque from the very same Salmiana. After 3 full days, we then distill through our 200 year old copper still, twice. 


A bright, clean and vegetal nose with robust aromas of crisp green bell pepper, fresh cut grass and lemon peel. Upon your first sip, we awaken your palate with a hint of olive and fresh Serrano pepper, cooked Salmiana, and a distinct creamy mouthfeel, which then finishes with lemon zest, green poblano pepper, and an elegance that lingers gracefully. 


Oven: 168 Hrs
Fermentation: Tone Baths, 42 Hrs
Yeast: Natural
Extraction: Roller Mill
Water Source: Ahualulco, Well Water
Distillation: Copper Still, Double
Maestro Mezcalero: José E. Lomeli

Taberna: Mezcal Ipina
Sitio: San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Altitude: 2.134 M.S.N.M.
Agave: Salmiana Salvaje Llano/Cerro
Brix: 22° Bx - 23° Bx
Age: 12-14 Years Old
Water: Ahualulco, Well Water

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